Aug. 19, 2020

The W.A.P (Women Are Powerful) Episode

The W.A.P (Women Are Powerful) Episode

Backyard Bants

2020  so far Has indeed been a year for women clinching victories all over the world - in music, business, politics, activism and more. This week we celebrate some and relive some victories

(2:48) T.I caught his son smoking weed at the house,(15 year old)

(8:12) My Dad Found my condoms

(9:50) Imina’s Dad caught him Drinking Alcohol

(14:10) WAP commentary / review

(22:55) Do you eat ass

(24:20) Bum Bum is Portuguese???

(24:55) Pricess Vitarah is still relevant (@24:55)

(26:20) Princess Vitarah PT2

(27:23) Bum Bum Is definitely Portuguese

(29:30) Carole Baskin Comes for Cardi / Catching covid at the Zoo

(30:26)Ladies Run 2020

(33:35) What is your sex playlist

(37:00) Ciara - Rooted Music video Review

(38:25) Black is King visual album Review

(42:28)The Drake Flexx

(45:17) Did Drake diss Kanye /Lil Durk diss Tekashi

(49:29) BURNA BOY “ Twice as tall” review & Grammy conversation 

(58:28) Burna Boy - Wetin day Sup intro / breakdown 

(01:02:32) The Joe Biden / Kamala Harris  Conspiracies  Theory

(01:08:10) Cuba’s Gudding Jr’s Lawyer's CrazyTheory

(01:09:36) Most Expensive Mask in the world (@1:09:36)

(01:11:52) Would you buy an apple car ?(@1:11:52)

(01:14:38) Wrap up

Princess Vitarah PT3 (01:18:08)