Jan. 13, 2021

How it Started versus How its Going

How it Started versus How its Going

Episode 22

We start with our introduction to the game on our First Side Hustle - (6:05). Then we improved the hustle with some inexpensive and expensive First investments - (13:48). Now that we have invested, we talk about our First Booking /Gig - (22:03). Like you, it was not always rosy and WE find that out on our WORST FLOPS in the business - (32:30). There is no job without its CRAZY STORIES (49:27).  Mid way through recording Aboki Suya entered the Room and blessed us with Food - (57:21). We entered the DMS -(1:00:35)  and Ended with “Do entertainers date entertainers?” (1:14:03)

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