June 16, 2021

Can She Swipe My Credit Card

Can She Swipe My Credit Card

Episode 40

I think we can officially say every-time Chemsi misses a pod, We become the goonies.But we had an interesting conversation with our Neighbor Extraordinaire - (2:17). We get into Dre’s take (9:03) before the Re-incarnation of Jonah (13:20) and the Invisible painting(15:46).How much can your woman spend on your card (21:15) and Can she be the bread winner (32:30).We want to know if you like being called “Daddy” (51:22). What we learnt from Seyi Shay vs Savage (53:20) had us asking if you have ever confronted an Opp (58:26) which leads us to Story time (1:04:33) **bring your Pop-corn**. Our famous Proverb of the Week (1:20:03) and Fam Mail (1:23:20). Songs of the week (1:35:40)  We wrap it up the "life line" Game(1:47:40)Send us a Message -


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