Oct. 7, 2020

Boost Your Confidence with Savage x Fenty

Boost Your Confidence with Savage x Fenty

Episode 16

New Week. New Banter !

Recap of How Nigerian are You? (02:54). Chemsi has become a Star (04:02). Toronto has a new sign (07:28). Emmy’s 2020 (09:29). Issa Rae Opens HooRAE(13:14). Patio SZN in Winter in Canada? (14:44). Illegal Casinos in Toronto (19:10). 180 Tickets given out in Toronto (22:40). White House Covid (24:04). White House has more cases than Nova Scotia (27:27). Dr Dre wins in court (30:37). Amazon caught Lackin (34:25). Is everyone buying the same engagement ring?? (36:55). Savage x Fenty dropped a mens line (40:38). Tyga on Only fans (46:15). Blue face challenge 48:00. Condolences to Chrissy Teigan(55:30). 57:55: Is Morgan Freeman, the Voice over God?

Yard Music

Nyma -Tomorrow Morning (01:02:20). Naika -Dont rush French remix  🔥🔥🔥(01:01:04). The Ghanian G.O.A.T (01:09:30). SIMI bringing Cuffing SZN  + Banter (01:11:50)