June 30, 2021

Always Single on the Gram

Always Single on the Gram

Episode 41

Dont Skrrrrr past our (7:26) - Announcement Announcement. Imina has a HOT TAKE (9:46) before we discuss F9(Fast and Furious) going Bollywood(13:30). Netflix's new show Sexy Beast (16:28) is shocking but so is our Brother Nick Canon (23:02). We dive into being Single for the Gram for life (25:15) , The Breakup clause (28:30) and a Super story (39:57). (50:29) - On todays “Wetin must no go see for gate”. Naza has a Friend too (55:54), The legendary Fam Mail (1:00:00) Proverb and Songs of the week(1:08:39)

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