April 8, 2021

After Hours

After Hours

Episode 32

Kicking this weeks episode with the story of the Tea (6:06) before joining the Block Party (16:14)

Forbes be trying Kanye (25:27) while Chelsea rejects Naza (28:19) before she almost Fights Imina (30:04).

Soulja Boy is Tik Tok famous (33:01), Wise Kid isn’t that Wise? (34:18) and Volkswagen loses out on April fool joke (42:32).  Naza got pranked (44:07) while Imina likes to dress in above average (55:08). Akon builds a second city in (57:55)while a French Immigrant in Quebec fails French exam (1:01:38).

We clocked 11:00PM and the After Hours Began till the end of the show (1:03:19). Fam Mail (1:12:41) wasn’t even family friendly